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Pahang Bio Valley Corporation Sdn Bhd (PBCSB) will develop the Malaysian Integrated Algae Valley (MIAV) at 5,000 acres of land in Rompin, Pahang Malaysia. This project will be the largest commercial scale plant in the world for algae cultivation, technology and production, with the aim to produce 150,000 tons of Algae Crude Oil (ACO) per year and 301,000 tons of Algae Meal. The MIAV plans to have a zero emissions policy with the implementation of environmentally-friendly and efficient sources of energy, including solar, hydro and wind power, so that a green solution is produced in a green manner.


Project objective is to create Malaysian algae business to deliver high value bio-active compounds which are sustainable both environmentally and economically and to make Malaysia known as one of the major producers of Algae Crude Oil and Algae Meal in the world. The objective is translated into the following strategies:

  • Production of the micro-algae biomass for primary production of Algae Crude Oil and Algae Meal;
  • Algae as a renewable energy and green-technology solutions.
  • Identification of further high value products that have a niche market.
  • Identification of customers for the products and development of relationships.
  • Developing and agreeing product standards and specifications.
  • Agreement of supply agreement – off take agreement.

The total quantity of Algae Biomass that the MIAV is looking to produce would potentially be less than 10% of the world market and therefore there is only a little chance that the global price will be impacted with the additional volume. Low cost method discovery will be determined from time to time in industrial algae production that will make the supply material as a cost effective to the industry and commercialization.

This project offers investors a unique opportunity, addressing this global concern while reaching beyond the scope of simple monetary gains and into the realm of environmental and humanitarian contributions. The project initiated is viable and has high prospects and potential in the future. In a rapidly growing world market, the use of algae technology at the Malaysian Integrated Algae Valley can significantly contribute to providing the world with global green solutions and products.

June 2011 – LKPP and PBCSB signed a memorandum of agreement to establish the Malaysian Integrated Algae Valley (MIAV). The MIAV will be established on a 2,023 ha site owned by Pahang Bio Valley Corporation Sdn Bhd in Rompin, Pahang


Quick Facts

  • Location: Rompin, Pahang
  • Land size: 2,023 hectares (5,000 acres)
  • Objective: Primary production of algae blomass to produce algae crude oil and algae meal
  • End-products: Crude Algae Oil (CAO) used to produce algae biofuels and algae biomass for functional food and animal feed
  • Estimated production: 500,000 of dry biomass per annum
  • Algae cultivation technology: Open-air fresh water ponds
  • Estimated project completion: 2015

Algae Crude turning into Fuel and Energy: Pahang Bio Valley Corporation Sdn Bhd (PBCSB) aims to create new energy solutions that are environmental, scalable, and renewable. With this in mind, the company targets to develop Crude Algae Oil from algae to tap into the growing renewable energy sector.